04 February 2019

Under the supervision of Greenhill’s Home Manager, Dee Gumbo, last year the home achieved an End of Life accreditation recognised nationally via the Steps to Success programme run by St Christopher’s. 

Staff completed a six-step programme that included identifying residents’ preferences before they become too ill to express their wishes; collating documents with resident’s medical needs making them easily accessible to healthcare professionals; pain management techniques and supporting the care team after a resident’s death.

The full six steps are as follows:

  • Step 1 - Assessment , Care planning and Review
  • Step 2 - Discussion as the end of life approaches
  • Step 3 - Good Coordination of care
  • Step 4 - Delivery of high quality care
  • Step 5 - Care in the last weeks/days of life
  • Step 6 - Care after death

The training programme designed specifically for residential care homes, has allowed staff at Greenhill to develop vital skills allowing them to better support those residents nearing the end of their life.

“I am thrilled that the accreditors at St Christopher’s assessed Greenhill as being competent in providing End of Life care,” comments Dee.  “The programme has been fantastic not only for staff development, which is invaluable, but also for our residents who may need End of Life care and require additional support.”

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